According to The New York Times, “Urinary Tract Infections Affect Millions. The Cures Are Faltering.”

ID Genomics is combating this threat by creating CLoNeT.

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Personalized diagnostics for infectious diseases.

Our products are designed to personalize the treatment of infectious diseases, and improve the lives of patients.

At ID Genomics, Inc., our mission is to guide antibiotic or other treatment correctly the first time by matching the infecting bug with the correct drug.

We combine rapid molecular diagnostics with epidemiological surveillance and big-data tools to guide antibiotic choices.

Improving lives with breakthrough diagnostics for infectious diseases.

Our diagnostic assay, CLoNeT™, assigns proprietary barcodes to infecting bacteria by identifying a few fingerprint regions of bacterial DNA. Our lead product is being developed for urinary tract infection (UTI), a common infection that is at the forefront of the antibiotic resistance crisis. CLoNeT™ 1.0 has shown unprecedented safety profiles in preclinical studies, reducing antibiotic prescription errors for UTIs from 25% to less than 3%.

Big-data approaches remove the guesswork in prescribing antibiotics.

BactNet™ is a reference metadata repository that links bacterial samples, IDG’s proprietary barcodes, and clinical information with responses to commonly prescribed antibiotics.  BactNet™ is expected to be a constantly growing database that matches the evolution and spread of drug-resistant bugs.  Combined with our barcodes, this big-data platform holds the potential to improve clinical outcomes for multiple infectious diseases.