Step 1: Request a Price Quote Question mark-01

Download the Request Price Quotation form. Fill out the form providing your contact information, select the services you want performed and indicate the quantity of samples and the format of the samples you will be sending. Send in your completed Request Price Quotation form to orders@idgenomics.com. Within two business days, ID Genomics will send you pricing and a Service Order form.

Step 2: Submit your order Question mark-01

When you are ready to order, fill out the billing and payment information on the Service Order form and supply information about your samples. Send in your completed Service Order form to orders@idgenomics.com. A confirmation will be sent to you when your signed Service Order form is received and processed.

Step 3: Submit your samples Sample Submission Form

Send in your samples according to the Sample Submission guidelines. A final confirmation will be sent to you when your samples are received and your order will start processing.

Step 4: Receive your report package

Your samples will be processed according to the services selected in your Service Order form and a report package will be emailed to you. Turnaround time depends on the selected services and the number of samples submitted.

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