Our Process

IDG is combating antibiotic resistance by combining epidemiological big data with precision diagnostics.

Our process mitigates patient risk and generates favorable outcomes.


Our researchers have identified CLoNeT™, a set of unique bacterial barcodes that quickly identify resistant bacteria in patient samples.  First-generation CLoNeT™ tests target urinary tract infections, which are at the forefront of the drug resistance crisis.


Our big data platform, BactNeT™, links bacterial samples, IDG’s proprietary barcodes, and clinical information with responses to commonly prescribed antibiotics.


Together with CLoNeT™, BactNeT™ forms a state-of-the art epidemiological surveillance network that has the potential to provide transformative solutions and bring the appropriate medicine directly to the patient’s bedside.


Urgent-care clinical trials show that our first generation diagnostic for UTIs, CLoNeT™, yields results in less than 45 minutes, and reduces the rate of antibiotic prescription errors from 25% to less than 3%.

  • CLoNeT™ assigns barcodes

  • BactNeT™ links antibiotic responses

  • prescribe in less than 45 minutes

  • store barcode metadata