Our proprietary technology, CLoNeT™, is a revolutionary antibiotic stewardship tool.  CLoNeT™ is a rapid (<45 min) diagnostic test that assigns proprietary ‘barcodes’ to infecting bacteria by identifying a few fingerprint regions of bacterial DNA. Our barcoding approach has broad applicability to diverse pathogens.  CLoNeT™ holds the potential to improve clinical outcomes for multiple infectious diseases that are plagued with increasing antibiotic resistance.

First-generation CLoNeTtests target urinary tract infections, which are at the forefront of the drug resistance crisis.  A partnership with GroupHealth Research Institute in Seattle, WA has permitted early stage clinical observational trials of first-generation CLoNeT™ in the urgent care setting.
These urgent-care clinical trials show that our first generation product yields results in 25-40 minutes, and reduces the rate of antibiotic prescription errors for UTIs from 1 in 4 to less than 3%.

We have calculated that CLoNeT™ 2.0 will reduce error rates well below 3%. IDG’s R&D efforts have demonstrated that our proprietary ‘barcoding’ method can also be applied to other infectious pathogens.

The next-generation product, CLoNeT™ 2.0, is currently under development.  CLoNeT™ R&D pipelines are also active for other infectious indications.
At a time of rampant antibiotic resistance, our products promote the use of appropriate antibiotics, reduce artificial pressures on microbes to develop resistance, and contain the spread of resistant organisms.

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IDG is compiling a premier microbial surveillance database, called BactNeT™BactNeT™ is a reference metadata repository that links bacterial samples, IDG’s proprietary barcodes, and clinical information with responses to all commonly prescribed antibiotics. Sample collection is conducted in partnership with multiple national and international partners.